Shopware 5

The familiy business of Smits Assen is specialized in baby products. The family reached out to us at MemoICT, inquiring if we could maintain their website is one of the families brands which runs on Shopware 5, which was in need of a good update. Together with the Smits’family we discussed what was needed to optimize the Shopware 5 webshop of and poured this into a package where we regularly maintain and update their ecommerce shop.

Clear communication

The activities we execute for are tracked in an online tool called Jira. In this tool we work with so called sprints. In these sprints we work on solving the prior set problems, within a certain timeframe. The use of Jira creates smooth communication: has full insights in what’s being done to optimize and update their webshop.

Everything up-to-date is a webshop that was familiar to the Shopware system, but also was in need of updating their site. In order to accomplish this, we made several steps to make this possible. An example of one of these steops is that we tracked all the errors in the website and solved these. Next tot hat we optimized the website in terms of technologic issues as well as the design and storefront of the webshop. Finally, we also developed numerous new functions for An example of this is that customers now can indicate via a tab on the checkout process that they are an existing customer.

Customer testimonials:

Roy Nieboer – E-commerce manager at

Our cooperation with Memo ICT started with the question whether Memo ICT could help us with the optimization of our e-commerce shop. Early on in the process, the questions were extended with more questions regarding the implementation of our rebranding, creating a connection with a feed management tool and implementing and connecting our PIM system with an integration platform. The diversity of questions and issues we presented Memo ICT quickly grew and will continue to do so. In all cases, Memo ICT proofs to be an excellent choice to solve the issues or answer our questions. Memo ICT is very trustworthy and is always ready to assist. More than once we were helped with urgent matters, which we couldn’t have solved without them. Another great aspect of collaborating with Memo ICT is that they also take on an advising role. With every advice they give, they keep in mind the sustainability and scalability of the solution. They wouldn’t suggest a short time solution unless the situation was in need of this. Naturally, they also show a preference in certain online tools and solutions but are always open to collaborations with partners or online solutions they never worked with before. Whenever you have a question regarding E-Commerce solutions, you’re surely at the right address with Memo ICT.