Shopware 6

For leukklokkie.nl we previously developed a website, but as with many websites, it was time for a new, updated ecommerce site. Not only the website needed a new design, also the back-end was ready for an upgrade, going from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6. As a result, Leukklokkie.nl now has a fresh, new design with lots of features.


A new look

Leukklokkie.nl received a total new design for their e-commerce site. The functionality and lay-out of the website remained basic, but did receive a new look. With a change in the colorscheme, a new set of icons and little effects on interaction, the webshop now looks new, fresh and modern, without losing sight of the customer journey.

Product detail page

Every product on a webshop, has its own space, which is called the product detail page. The PDP page of leukklokkie.nl has been designed in such a way that it always keeps a clear overview of the product specifications. As a result, the page has a slider that is easy to use, and clear call to action with a yellow ‘add to cart’ button.