About us

Who we are

Memo was founded in 2015. Founder Johan Moormann noticed a higher demand when it came to knowledge about the rapidly growing and innovative e-commerce platform Shopware. After working on a few different projects involving Shopware, he decided it was time to start Memo, a partner that has all knowledge about Shopware under one roof. With the team of experts, Memo is on the way to become Netherlands’ best Shopware expert. As official Shopware Business Partner, Memo services as a one-stop-shop for everything regarding development, maintenance but also more complex issues and problem solving involving Shopware webshops.

What we do

Memo creates and installs smart e-commerce solutions for Shopware e-commerce stores. In a highly competitive market with many e-commerce providers, it’s of utmost importance to stand out with your own online identity. Memo thinks along with you and makes sure that your e-commerce store becomes next level. As official Shopware Business partner, we have the knowledge to build, update and upgrade your Shopware store with the latest functionalities. Next to that, we also build e-commerce solutions that act as an extension to the current available Shopware functionalities. This way, we create a fully customized yet user-friendly e-commerce store for your business.


Way of working

Customized development of your Shopware e-commerce store

Shopware is an e-commerce system that constantly releases the newest, most userfriendly and technical gadgets and functionalities. These allow you use countless options to create your webshop to your liking. This not only creates a happy and satisfied customer database, but also allows you to be ahead of your competition with your own brand identity, that you can follow through with the smallest details of your shop. A Shopware e-commerce store, offers your customers offers your customers an experience that is similar to the physical shopping process, but online. Memo builds your Shopware shop from scratch, but we’re also able to revamp and restyle your current Shopware 5 or Shopware 6 shop with the latest technical updates, custom developed plugins and a fresh lay-out and design.

Safe data

Brand awareness and user friendliness of your e-commerce store is from utmost importance when developing a good running webshop. But just as important is the safety and data collection of your shop. We work with trustworthy hosting packages and servers from Hipex, which ensures the safe processing and collecting of data of you and your customers. The safety of this data is our priority.