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Update overview: Easy Credits plugin for Shopware version 3.0.0

The Easy Credits plugin, specifically designed by us for the Shopware platform, has been a crucial solution for merchants aiming to offer flexible credit options to their customers. With the release of version 3.0.0, Easy Credits not only achieves compatibility with the latest Shopware version, 6.5, but also introduces a variety of improvements and new features based on user feedback and technological advancements. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what the update entails and how it can transform the way merchants manage credits in their Shopware stores.

Enhanced compatiblity: Easy Credit version 3.0.0

The transition from version 1.1 to 2.0 was a significant overhaul for the Easy Credits plugin, tailored for Shopware 6.4 and packed with new features. Version 3.0 builds on this, offering full compatibility with Shopware 6.5. It seamlessly brings forward the functionalities introduced in version 2.0 to the newer Shopware version. This ensures that merchants moving to or already on Shopware 6.5 experience no disruption in their credit management operations, maintaining the efficiency and reliability they’ve come to expect from the plugin.

New features

Version 3.0.0 of the Easy Credits plugin introduces several new features and enhancements, directly addressing the needs and challenges faced by online merchants in credit management:

    • Credits can be edited and deleted to fix errors.
    • Credits can now be applied to shipping costs and non-product items separately.
    • Detailed information, including the type and amount credited, is shown for each item during credit creation or editing.
    • There is no longer a limit on the amount that can be credited, but a warning appears if the credit exceeds the original order amount.
    • A notification feature in the flow builder alerts you when a credit is updated, useful for tracking changes.
    • The flow builder’s “Generate document” action now allows for the accurate creation of credit documents, fixing previous issues with document generation due to unrecognized document types by Shopware.

Breaking changes

The update also introduces breaking changes that users must be aware of, especially regarding the flow builder:

  • Flow event name update: To resolve conflicts related to translation within the flow builder, the event name for credit creation has been updated. An automatic migration process is in place to update existing flows from to memo_credit.credit_created.

However, it’s important for merchants to review their flows post-migration to ensure accuracy and functionality.

What’s next

The release of version 3.0.0 of the Easy Credits plugin marks a significant milestone in the evolution of credit management tools for Shopware users. By addressing both the technical requirements of Shopware 6.5 compatibility and introducing user-centric features and improvements, the plugin sets a new standard in the realm of e-commerce credit management. For Shopware merchants, this update not only promises enhanced operational efficiency and flexibility but also ensures that their stores remain equipped to offer superior customer service through effective credit management.