Credit note plugin: Easily adjust and create credit notes in your e-commerce store.

Is the process of creating the credit notes for your e-commerce store an easy process or are you endlessly updating information in different systems before you even have a credit note present? With this Shopware extension, you easily and beautifully create credit notes for your shop-users within no time.

What is a credit note?

Depending on the country you’re in or the country you’re doing business with, a credit note can have different meanings. For example, in some countries like the Netherlands, you can only send official credit notes to rectify a wrongly submitted invoice. Due to the VAT regulations, you will need to send a credit note. (Did you know that Memo ICT also created a plugin for VAT-Layers within the checkout process of Shopware stores? Click here to find out more!) In other countries, you can use credit notes for creating vouchers or adding credit to any account or order on your e-commerce store.

H2. The difference between credit and debit notes

Exactly the opposite of credit notes is a debit note. With a debit note, you can specify the extra costs you have made for a certain customer. For example, when spent more service hours on a project than you previously budgeted. At the moment that you run your e-commerce store, for example in Shopware 5 or 6, then you can use credit and debit notes for your accounting.

Can you make credit notes in a Shopware Store?

The answer is yes: with the plugin that we created, you can easily assign credit and create a credit note. You can adjust any order line with the amount of credit you want to provide. To make an official note, you can use the standard Shopware document creator to save it in the file type of your preference. You can download the extensions we developed for making credit notes, for both Shopware 5 and 6,  in the official Shopware store. <- <- Linken naar product pagina binnen Shopware store

Connecting Shopware store to other accounting system or software

At the moment you want to set up an API connection between your webshop and the accounting software you use, then you can head here for detailed instructions. (link naar kennisbank met uitleg). At the moment you create this connection between your online store and your accounting system, you can say goodbye to entering double information in different systems, to keep your accounting up to date.

Help with installation and automizing your Shopware shop, extensions, and API connections.

Memo ICT is the official Shopware specialist, located in the Netherlands. With a team of experts, we gladly help you with installing existing plugins and extensions for your online store. But we also develop customized plugins for many customers. Whether you need help with installing API connections or if you need help in automizing other processes within your online business: we’re ready to help.