Shopware 6

In the commission granted by Kiener Digital Commerce, based in Leek, Netherlands, we crafted a novel front-end for, an automobile recycling enterprise. The website's aesthetics were meticulously aligned with the unique house style and preferences of the client. Additionally, we elevated the technical aspects of the Shopware store, introducing bespoke Shopware features.

The challenge, specializing in automobile recycling, faced a significant challenge in integrating their data across two different systems: the Up2Date Recycler Edition from Kumasoft and another system. Their data was split between systems tracking purchased and dismantled cars, and another for available parts, all of which needed to be consolidated into their webshop.

Collaboration and design

While our team focused on these intricate technical solutions, the design aspect was expertly handled by Kiener Digital Commerce, ensuring a cohesive and user-friendly interface.

Technical implementation

For the automobiles, our team developed an importer to handle a CSV file containing all the relevant data, simplifying this part of the process. However, integrating the parts data proved more complex. Initially planned as a SOAP connection with the Kumasoft system, restrictions from Kumasoft required an alternative approach. Consequently, we set up a process where they would place an XML file on the server every hour. Our custom importer then reads this file, performing updates or deletions as needed. Additionally, when an order is placed, we generate and upload an XML file to their system via FTP.

The results

The innovative solutions implemented by our team have streamlined the data integration for, enhancing the efficiency of their webshop. This project not only solved a complex data integration issue but also set a new standard in e-commerce for the auto recycling sector.



Step into the world of advanced auto recycling with Experience how innovative technology solutions have revolutionized the integration of complex data systems in the auto recycling industry: View their website here.

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Geert Smit – Kiener Digital Commerce

Since a year or two we regularly cooperate with Memo, especially when we limited capacity of our own. The cooperation between us and Memo is particularly good. On multiple projects we were able to utilize their expertise and so far no problem was too complex to solve. The technical knowledge of Memowhen it comes to Shopware 5 and 6 is incredible, which means we can directly put them on our current projects when needed. In their daily communication, Johan and his colleagues are very accessible, making us feel like they are our own colleagues. You won’t find anything better than Memo.