Shopware 6

The gents from approached us about building a custom auction platform. As a company specialized in Shopware, we obviously took this as our startingpoint. As you can imagine, an auction website differs from just a regular webshop. This is why we had to build a lot of custom functions and had to rewrite certain base elements from the Shopware CMS. Back then Shopware 6 was a rather new CMS, but after some trial and error it seemed like a match made in heaven.

The challenge faced the unique challenge of transforming the Shopware platform, typically used for setting up online stores, into a robust auction system. Our team ingeniously repurposed the product catalog within Shopware to serve as auction lots for bidding. This innovative approach required a complete custom build of the bidding system.

Real-time bidding revolution

A critical aspect of any auction system is the ability to refresh data instantly when a new bid is placed. Traditionally, this was achieved through polling, where each browser repeatedly requests updated information from the server. However, this method proved impractical for’s ambitious plans.

Introducing Mercure

Our breakthrough came with the adoption of Mercure, a system that aligns seamlessly with Symfony (the foundation of Shopware). Mercure enables browsers to connect once with the Mercure Hub and continuously listen for events. This sophisticated approach allowed us to send targeted updates from the server to all connected browsers for each individual auction lot.

During the course of development, we encountered a critical moment where two bids were received within a mere 3 milliseconds of each other. To address this, we implemented the symfony/lock package, which effectively resolved the issue, ensuring a seamless and fair bidding process for all participants.

Revolutionizing the auction system with Shopware and Mercure

The integration of Mercure into’s auction platform has dramatically enhanced user experience, ensuring real-time updates and a more dynamic and engaging bidding process. This solution not only met but exceeded the initial challenges, setting a new standard for online auction systems.

Explore our innovation

Delve into the intricacies of our cutting-edge auction system and experience firsthand the seamless integration of Shopware and Mercure at We invite you to witness the revolutionary transformation in online auctions: view the website here.

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