Shopware Alumio Dashboard: All your statistics in your Shopware enviroment

Recently, at Memo ICT, we have established a close collaboration with Alumio as an official Alumio Associate Partner. Alumio offers an interface where you can build, manage, and monitor connections. Through these connections, data can be utilized on your website. Find out more about it here.

Alumio dashboard within Shopware 6

Additionally, we have integrated the Alumio dashboard into Shopware 6. Our custom plugin allows users to view the status of processes in Alumio directly on the Shopware 6 dashboard. This integration simplifies the usage of Alumio for every Shopware 6 user, as there’s no need to keep a separate Alumio dashboard open. Now, all connection statuses made through Alumio are conveniently visible within the Shopware dashboard.

Is your Shopware plugin our next adventure?

If you have any ideas for a Shopware 5 or 6 application that could enhance your experience, we are here to help! Our team can develop the Shopware 5 or 6 plugin tailored to your platform or service requirements. Let us know how we can assist you!

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